1. Sal is the best

    I think Sal is one of the best choreographers, instructors, and dancers in Texas and all over the world really. While I was in Europe, people would literally ask me about him all the time! He breaks everything down so that it's easy to understand and is patient when you make mistakes. He is always striving to better himself so that he can be a better teacher to us, and on top of that he is origina…Read More

    Thankful Student
  2. You Will Love It!

    I like and respect multiple instructors in H-town, but only for Salamon Amaya I would say he's the one of the best instructors in the world, forget just the town. Amazed how he manages to keep the quality of the class consistently very high. Knows exactly what to teach every time with the right amount of details, and always comes up with different cool patterns, keeps it challenging for every leve…Read More

    James Ozenci
  3. Great Dance Experience

    I can not say enough wonderful words to describe Amaya Dance. A great dance experience. It is much more than just a "Dance Studio"; Salomon Amaya is a master teacher that is one of a kind. His classes are filled with captivating footwork rhythms, upper body and arm movements, great music, and an unforgettable sense of humor. His detailed explanations of technique, rhythm and feeling are incomparab…Read More