You Will Love It!

I like and respect multiple instructors in H-town, but only for Salamon Amaya I would say he’s the one of the best instructors in the world, forget just the town. Amazed how he manages to keep the quality of the class consistently very high. Knows exactly what to teach every time with the right amount of details, and always comes up with different cool patterns, keeps it challenging for every level, always something new to learn and practice for any level, impossible to get bored. His teaching is so efficient, honestly you will feel class price is a bargain for this much material with that quality every single time. This man will gain your respect as you will see he respects what he does, enjoys at the same time and a class can’t just get any better than this. He has a great method of teaching that makes the leaders impossible to ran out of moves on the dance floor. And as you progress, you will start to feel musicality, and that’s when you realize this instructor also introduced you a lot of songs, music, made you feel them, enjoy and you are starting to dance according to the music. You will love it.

James Ozenci