“Imagine a salsa dance studio – just different.” 

AMAYA Dance, founded by one of Houston’s longest standing dance instructors, Salomon Amaya, not only prides ourselves in creating the best experience for our students but has a goal and a vision of building a lasting dance community. AMAYA Dance provides not only fun group classes, but also first rate dance instruction, an incredible social community, and a friendly environment to help you develop your dance skills. Do you have a desire for fun, good health, personal achievement and social fulfillment? AMAYA Dance is for you! salsaintermediate

So, what do we offer?

Every student has a unique way of learning and for that reason we offer a variety of different ways to learn!

Group classes: For the individual who is looking for a fun way to not only learn and refine their dance skills, but also meet people from all different ages and backgrounds while sharing the excitement of learning to dance. In group classes you receive an invaluable amount of experience perfecting your lead/follow by dancing with different partners in a comfortable social setting.

Private lessons: For the student who prefers or needs that one on one attention we also offer private lessons (scheduled at your convenience). Private lessons are absolutely the key to putting your dancing skills on the fast track. Interested in a private custom class? Gather your friends and create a fun, personalized experience!

Salsa socials & parties: AMAYA Dance also offers social parties/events and first rate entertainment for our students and community. Have you ever heard the phrase “If you don’t use it you lose it”? Whatever your motivation is behind learning to dance, always remember –  practice makes perfect! Put your dance skills to use at one of Houston’s favorite salsa social parties, AMAYA Dance “Salsa Sunday Funday”! Get excited!

Dance teams: Join our dance team! For those looking to take their dancing to the next level we offer students the chance to perform on stage, train under Houston’s elite dance instructors and travel to different cities and events dedicated to representing Houston at the top of the salsa scene. Become a valuable part of the extended AMAYA Dance family no matter what age or what level of dancing you are at. We guarantee to have a spot for you amongst one of our many teams.

While AMAYA Dance primarily specializes and focuses on salsa dancing, we do like to mix things up and keep it interesting for our students! Don’t feel limited to learn only salsa – expand your dance knowledge through our many dance boot camps with bachata, cha-cha-cha, mambo and many more!